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i've been traveling, and i don't know where

19 November 1989
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I've been traveling, and I don't know where.

Sometimes, life's a blur from the window seat. It's all about the growl of the gasoline pedal, or the padding of feet on the ground.

lost soul

This is stare_at_walls photography and travel journal. Occasionally, nostalgia and music will be here. Feel free to friend, all posts are public here. Some photos will be really large, and those might get put under a cut, or not, depending on if I think that the photo is too big.

Additionally, this is now the graphics journal of stare_at_walls. He will upload layouts, icons and such on this journal. If you have any requests, please feel free to message him here, or at his personal Journal.

etc. &c. etc.

Credits? I'm still working on it.

Icons snagged from random LJ communities and users. For now. Comment if it's your icon and you want credit!

I accept requests for icons, layouts, and other graphics. Message me. Textless icons/banners/etc. are not bases. Ask me before putting anything on them, or you can ask me to do it for you. :) Posting is sporadic and not so regular. Please bear with me. Real Life gets in the way too much.

trailing footsteps

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